Executive Director’s Desk

-Charlie Sweet

Here we are already into a new year, and the needs of our communities are greater than ever! According to a recent article in The Observer Dispatch, 17,400 families in Oneida County rely on supplemental nutritional assistance. One of the contributors to the article said, “We had to make a few decisions,” he said. “We go without a car, we had to get rid of cable, the kids don’t do ballet.”  Add to this that food stamps were cut once again, and the times get even tougher. Another person interviewed stated, “Even before the cuts, it was hard,” she said, “Now there is a cut in food stamps and food is going up. It’s a double cut.”  This is heart breaking. Here at Compassion Coalition and Your Bargain Grocer, we are poised to help reduce the losses of so many hurting people.

Despite these hard times, we believe Utica, Rome and the Mohawk Valley is a GREAT place to call home. With the recent news of the $1.5 billion Computer Chip Commercialization Center at SUNYIT already underway, an expected 1,500 jobs anticipated . The Air Force Research Lab in Rome is working hard to bring research into other sectors such as finance, health care and infrastructure. We are restoring our economic base once again!

Compassion Coalition and Your Bargain Grocer remain committed to serving our communities and helping to “Change Our City One Life At A Time.”  Our mission and vision continues to drive our passion for generosity and the daily ministry that we do in our local neighborhoods and communities that we believe will touch a generation in a very gracious way.

Thank You For Your Support!
Rev. Charlie Sweet