Our Founder

Friends of Pastor Mike Servello say that he is a shining model for all believers who desire to reach a world desperate for change.

This is not hard to believe at all, judging by the way Pastor Mike leads his church and pastors his city. Starting out as a tiny congregation some 22 years ago in Utica, New York, Redeemer Church today is a fast-growing city-reaching church with a dynamic vision of loving God, loving people, serving others. Pastor Mike firmly believes that the power of the cross is not limited to our personal salvation alone. In God’s heart is a passion to impact society, unite the races, influence the marketplace, break the cycle of poverty, heal social dysfunctions, and rescue those trapped in spiritual darkness.

With 24.1 percent of his community living at or below the poverty line, Pastor Mike takes God’s command to serve the poor very seriously. Community action is a vital expression of his church. Sometimes it’s a one-day blitz. Sometimes it’s investing time with the same child through tutoring from week to week. Sometimes it’s through the work of Compassion Coalition, a ministry Pastor Mike founded that feeds tens of thousands of people annually in New York, across the States, and around the world.

Pastor Mike also serves on the Apostolic Leadership Team of Ministers Fellowship International as Vice Chairman as well as Regional Coordinator for the Northeast & Southeast USA. A pastor of pastors, he is committed to equipping and establishing local churches to change their world.

Mike is a pastor of pastors and oversees a number of churches on the East Coast. Mike and Barbara have traveled extensively throughout the United States and other nations of the world strengthening local churches and helping to equip the Body of Christ.